When the Upright is in position on the pool the hole must be at the top 

Top Ledge
Upright or Frame

Upgrade your caps to our Solar Cap.   7-11 Pools uses a high quality solar unit that will illuminate the exterior of the pool for a full 52".  The light will last up to 12 Hours.   

Base Cap

7-11 Pools offers option of steel or Resin Rail and Connectors.  We recommend using Resin Rail and Connectors for the bottom of your pool.  Resin will never rust and the ground will hold a great deal of moisture.

Wall Hardware Assembly is important. A dimpled washer must be on each side of the pool wall and the head of the bolt on the inside of the pool wall

Dimpled Washer with 1/2" Threaded bolt and Hex nut. All the hardware is Stainless Steel

Steel Top and Bottom Rail
Resin Top and Bottom Rail

Pool Sizes

Swimming Pool Wall Protection

Above Ground Swimming Pool Parts

Why Use Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless Steel hardware is very important to use on your Above Ground Pool.  Stainless Steel will not corrode or rust with water. Your Above Ground Pool Wall is the most important structural part of your pool and needs to be held together with hardware that is not going to corrode.  7-11 Pools is the only Swimming Pool Manufacture using Stainless Steel Hardware and Screws.  We want your pool to last.

4 mil Polyester Coating

Rustproof interior coat 

​ZincGuard 102 - electrogalvanized coating

​Alkaline Rinse

​Alkaline Cleaning and Protective Coat

Rust Proof Rust Coat

​0.016 Galvanized Steel

Our Playtime Pool has a 7" Ledge and a deep 6" upright.  Our 2Pc cap has "Do not Dive" embossed in the cap.  The Playtime Pool comes in beige and fog grey.  With wall patterns  Tempest and Coliseum.  The Playtime Pool is engineered to be installed by homeowners.  Easy to understand instructions.  Top and Bottom rail, and Connectors that are used at the top and bottom of the uprights.  One type of screw throughout the entire pool

Currently 7-11 Pools produces standard size Above Ground Swimming Pools. Prior to 2012 7-11 Produced a 18' Round Pool that had a diameter of 17' 9", a 21' Round Pool that had a diameter of 20'4" and a 24' Round Pool that had a 24' 4" diameter.   These sizes are important to know for replacement liners.

Choose the steel Playtime™ swimming pool with confidence. It has all the features you're looking for to ensure years of fun for the entire family. The strength of steel and superior design make the Playtime™ the best value and strongest swimming pool in its class.

Fun for the whole family! The Playtime™ will give your family years of fun in the sun. Imagine the whole family spending quality time together, in your own back yard, in your own swimming pool. It's a great way for children or grandchildren to enjoy beneficial and healthy playtime.

Built to last and last and last... Buy direct from the manufacture.  As a leading above ground pool Manufacture right here in North America, the Playtime™ offers excellent quality at a very affordable price. The 7" top ledge and durable resin caps keep the pool protected, and the unique corrosion-resistant multi-layered zinc and aluminum coated wall is tough enough to stand up to years of wear and tear.

The Playtime™ features a durable, extra-thick, folded top ledge that has a complete measurement of over 10 inches of steel. The support of this extra material makes the Playtime™ pool very strong. The 1” top supporting rail for the ledge is the only one of its kind on the market.  The Playtime™ goes to the extra mile to bring quality to your backyard pool.   Deluxe 2Pc resin caps with the do not dive embossed in the cap save the need to install stickers on your pool.

Finally, the Playtime™ is the only above ground pool to use stainless steel hardware to assemble your pool. Stronger superior hardware coupled with a unique wall fastening system makes the Playtime™ your best choice.

Galvanization Protection.  [Barbados 52 Swimming Pool]

All steel parts of the Playtime™ are protected by the multiple layers zinc and aluminum coating process to give them superior corrosion resistance. Playtime™ will not chip, fade, rust or peel like other similarly priced pools and is designed to look as good ten years from now as it does today.

Heavy Gauge Steel Wall Playtime™ features a heavy-duty, 52 inch commercial grade, galvanized steel wall that sports a subtle, inviting pattern that looks great.
Triple rolled top and bottom rails Both upper and lower rails are triple rolled to give extra stability to the pool structure and provide a strong, rigid track with no weak or sharp edges for the perimeter of the pool.

Swimming Pool Liners

Know what you are buying!

As a manufacture of in ground and Above Ground swimming pool liners we produce all kinds of different quality liners.  The vinyl is either reproduced vinyl or virgin vinyl.  When you are looking at the backside of your liner and it is all blue in most cases it is made with repro.  This is not a bad thing and great for the environment.  Virgin Vinyl is normally on white back ground.  If the background is white you can be assured that you have virgin vinyl.  The tricky part of choosing a liner is knowing how thick the vinyl is.  We have given a chart that will help you understand what thickness you are buying.    Typically In Ground liners in Canada are 28.5 mil embossed to 30 mil and in the United States the Swimming Pool Liner is 20 mil.  Above Ground liners range from 12mil- 18.5mil

Top Cap

Our 2 Piece Cap with "Do Not Dive" embossed in the top.  With this embossing you do not need to add stickers to your pool.  7-11 Pools uses cold crack resistant PVC with UVA and UVB protectors to manufacture our caps.  The top cap covers the Ledge and the base cap attaches to the top cap and the upright.

Resin Top & Bottom Connector
Connector and Rail Assembly
Steel Top & Bottom Connector