7-11 Pools designs and manufactures all In ground and On ground swimming pool liners in Canada with 100% virgin vinyl .  Chose the qualitiy that meets your customers budget from 30mil, 25 mil or 20 mil.  Every liner is made custom in just 4 days.  Our designs are constantly changing for more designs contact us at 1866 536 5312.  Need your liner measures we will recommend a dealer near you.

7-11 Pools offers a full selections of Beaded replacement liners.  Choosing the correct bead for your above ground liner is important.  A liner with U-bead will sit over the edge of any above ground pool wall.  When ordering a standard bead liner you must have a track to receive the liner.  If you do not have a track you can order bead receiver to go with the liner.  Standard bead liners are easier to replace in the future.  Are you unsure of which bead to chose.  We offer a Multi-bead that is a combination of both standard and U-bead.  The Multi-bead is a safe way to order liners for online stores.

7-11 Pools manufactures overlap above ground pool liners in Canada.   A variety of designs and patterns all made with virgin vinyl, cold crack resistance, and UVA and UVB resisters.  We stock standard size liners to ship quickly to your store or directly fulfilled to your customer.  Custom swimming pool liners are available in 4 days. Don' forget to look at our swimming pool accessories before you place your order  

Above Ground Beaded Liners


Standard Bead

U Bead

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Overlap Liners