Swimming Pool Liner Weights - not including the weight of the box

12 mil Liner Thickness14 mil Liner Thickness16 mil Liner Thickness18.5 mil Liner Thickness
12 ft26.4330.8435.2440.75
15 ft33.9539.645.2652.34
18 ft42.7849.9157.0565.96
21 ft55.01464.10873.3484.8
24 ft69.0780.5892.09106.48
27 ft81.3294.87108.42125.36
30 ft99.50116.1132.68153.41
33 ft112.31131.02149.74173.14

12x18 ft35.0740.9146.7554.06
12x24 ft47.1855.0462.972.73
15x30 ft62.577383.4296.46
16x32 ft72.284.2396.27111.31
18x33 ft78.3291.38104.43120.75

12 ft24.1128.1332.1437.17
15 ft3136.1641.3347.79
18 ft39.3345.8852.4460.63
21 ft50.9559.4567.9778.55
24 ft64.3875.1185.8499.25
27 ft76.0588.72101.39117.24
30 ft93.72109.34124.96144.49
33 ft105.99123.66141.32163.41

12x18 ft32.0137.3442.6749.34
12x24 ft41.6748.6255.5664.24
15x30 ft87.8367.4777.1189.16
16x32 ft67.0278.1989.36103.33
18x33 ft72.7984.9397.06112.22

If you do not see your pool liner size in this chart please call and we will be happy to help you get the answer you need. 1 866 536 5312.   If you can not find the exact weight one reason could be that some manufacture and or dealers chose to mix different thickness of floor and wall material .  For example 12 mil floors with a 16 mil wall 

Beaeded Replacement Liners

Know what you are buying


Overlap Replacement Liners

It is important to know what you are buying.  The labels  can be very misleading.  The word gauge on your liner label does not indicate the thickness or weight of a liner. If you have the word "Mil" on the label that is legally binding.  You must be within 10% plus or minus of the amount labelled.  We have developed a chart to help you determine if you are buying the liner that you want. 

7-11 Pools.