1. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser (consumer) only. It covers 7-11 Pool Products Ltd. swimming pool only. Other equipment – filters, ladders, heaters etc. have a separate warranty enclosed in their respective cartons. 2. This pool is warranted to be free of manufacturing defects. This warranty is null and void if the design of this product is altered. The product must be assembled according to the Factory directions and no changes made in any of the parts. The purchaser is urged to observe and follow cautions in the installation manual in order to avoid inadvertent damage. All commitments by the manufacturer shall be declared null & void if the purchaser fails to comply with instructions pertaining to assembly, care and maintenance as outlined in detail in the 7-11 Pool Products Ltd installation manual. 3. No incidental, or consequential or other damages will be paid. Failure of the purchaser to allow the dealer and/or Manufacturer to inspect the product claimed defective should render the foregoing warranties null and void. 4. UNDER NO CONDITIONS WILL 7-11 POOL PRODUCTS LTD. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF LABOUR AND/OR WATER, CHEMICAL LOSS OR ANY DAMAGES RESULTING FROM INSTALLATION OF FAULTY PRODUCT. This warranty is voided if the pool is left standing without water, exposing the liner to direct sunlight for the period in excess of one day. If for any reason it is necessary to empty the water from the pool, it should be refilled the same day. 5. REPAIRS – Due to the chemical conditions in water and/or exposure to sun, empty liners are subject to shrinkage, to avoid this, repairs should be made “on-site” whenever possible. Before liners, or parts are removed, secure permission from 7-11Pool Products Ltd. dealer or from 7-11 Pool Products Ltd. Customer Service Department. 6. To obtain performance under this warranty, within ten days of discovery, the purchaser should contact the dealer from whom the product was purchased. The dealer is authorized to correct the legitimate factory defects: however, he also is charged with the responsibility of determining beyond a reasonable doubt that the defect was one created by the manufacturer. Sales slip showing date of purchase must be submitted with claim. 7. Pro-rated schedule – for this purpose “season” will be deemed to have ended December 31st of the year in which the pool was purchased. 7-11 Pool Products Ltd reserves the right to repair or replace the defective part. 8. When the fault is 7-11 Pool Products Ltd. First season replacement with exception of those stipulated in this warranty, will be at no charge to the consumer (purchaser). 9. After the first anniversary following purchase and the next (30) years, a pool found to be defective will be replaced at a pro-rated cost equal to the following percentages of the than existing manufacturers suggested retail price. 1-2 years no charge 3-6 years 50% 7-10 years 60% 11-15 years 70% 16-20years 80% 21-30years 90% Freight collects F.O.B 7-11 Pool Products Ltd. Mississauga Ontario Canada All sales tax extra. Certified cheque or money order required prior to shipment.

Pool Warranty

30 Year Prorated warranty terms and conditions

Liner Warranty

25 YEARS LINER WARRANTY FOR THE ORIGINAL OWNER ONLY. 7-11 POOL PRODUCTS LTD. warrants the vinyl liner to be a product of the finest materials and workmanship available. It agrees as its option to replace or repair, but without installation, FOB its factory, any liner that separates at its seams within twenty-five (25) years from the date of installation. If replacement is so required, then 7-11 POOL PRODUCTS LTD. will replace the liner at a price equal to 5% of the current list price of the liner for each year or part thereof that the liner has been installed, subject to the following conditions. 1. The owner must notify 7-11 POOL PRODUCTS LTD. In writing of the date when such failure was first noticed within ten (10) days from the date thereof so that 7-11 POOL PRODUCTS LTD. may have an opportunity to verify said claim and determine whether it be within the provisions of this warranty; 2. The failure in the seam or seams which is subject matter of this warranty shall be the sole defect in the liner; 3. The failure in the seam or seams is caused solely by a defect in the material or improper workmanship in its manufacture. Defects caused by fire, cutting or any mechanical, chemical or other means or agencies are excluded from this warranty. This warranty will be construed under the laws of the Province of Ontario. 7-11 POOL PRODUCTS LTD. shall in no event be liable for consequential damages or contingent liabilities arising out of the failure of any product or its accessories to operate properly. This warranty excludes all the other implied or statutory warranties upon which this liner is sold. It is further agreed and understood that 7-11 POOL PRODUCTS LTD. liability shall be limited to the agreement to repair or replacement as aforesaid, all other damages, whether proximate or not, and warranties, statutory, implied or otherwise, being hereby expressly waived by the Purchaser. 7-11 POOL PRODUCTS LTD. 60 Armstrong Avenue, Georgetown On. L7G 4R9 TEL: 905-873-7711

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